Hornell Gets Results from Annual Audit

Matt Montalbo from Drescher Malecki

September 17, 2018

HORNELL, NY – City Hall got the results Monday night from their annual audit, done by Drescher Malecki, and as anticipated, spending far outweighed revenue for 2018.

Matt Montalbo, who gives an unmodified, independent, and objective report for the company, told the Common Council that expenditures exceeded revenue by $358,000 for 2018. “This periodically happens with all comparable size cities that we audit,” said Montalbo, “But the key is to not have it become a trend.”

“Coming out of last year’s budget, the finance committee already anticipated this and the city was prepared, having adequate money in the fund balance to cover the difference” said Mayor John Buckley, “We have been working hard on the numbers and hopefully will not have this become a norm for future budgets, but again we did expect this for this year and it was budgeted for so it really was no surprise.”

In other news, the Council accepted Pam Markel’s resignation from the Hornell Housing Authorities Board of Commissioners effective September 30th, 2018, and replaced her with Robert Colucci, whose replacement term will expire October 1st, 2019.

Also Alderman Jim Bassage reported that the Youth and Rec committee met and approved pay raises for any pool or playground employee that returns for a second consecutive year. According to Bassage, this has been under discussion for some time and will finally be put into place.

And finally, another Public Hearing needs to be held before the application for the Community Development Block Grant is turned in because of a minor clerical error in the first ad announcing it. The new hearing will be held at 6:45pm, October 15th, right before the regular monthly Common Council Meeting.