Hornell Looking to Extend the Chamberlain’s Position from 2 to 4 Years

March 7th, 2018

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Mayor John announced to the Law and Ordinance Committee Wednesday afternoon that he would like to see the City’s Chamberlain position go from the current two year term to a four year term.

According to Buckley, the only two full time elected positions in City Hall are the Mayor’s and Chamberlain’s positions, and having them both come in new to the job at the same time is not an ideal situation. Buckley explained, “Having the two positions staggered is more of an ideal situation, eliminating the possibility of having a new Mayor and Chamberlain in the same election. That way we can always retain the essential knowledge from at least one of us.”

According to City Attorney Joe Pelych, if it passes through the Common Council, it then must go in front of the Board of Elections and finally subject to a mandatory referendum and go on the next ballot for voters’ approval.

The Committee passed the resolution and it will now go in front of the full Common Council next month.