Hornell Mayor Buckley And All 10 Council Members, Send Letter In Support Of The Upcoming Library Vote

June 4, 2020

Letter From the Hornell Common Council:

The Hornell Public Library has been a valuable part of our community for more than 100 years. One cannot put a number on the value a community receives from its members having access to a public library and the Hornell Public Library is no exception. It has been said that “Libraries are societies great equalizers” providing educational opportunities and access to all of those it serves. It is with this in mind, we urge all to vote in favor of the library tax levy which is being mailed with the Hornell City School District budget vote to all registered voters in the Hornell City School District.

In late March, the finance committee, and later the Common Council, were forced to make difficult decisions to pass a balanced budget in light of the revenue losses related to covid-19. The City was unable to provide the funding it has provided in years past to support the Hornell Public Library. This was a gut-wrenching decision for Council members, but in looking forward, there is an opportunity to fund the library in a manner that is most equitable to all residents.

The Hornell Public Library is a tax levying body independent from the city itself and levies its tax across the entire school district. The services offered and provided benefit the residents of the City of Hornell as well as the surrounding communities. Roughly one-third of all visits to the library occur from those outside of the City of Hornell. Having the library funded through its own levy, to the entire region it serves, is the most sensible option and is the manner of which most libraries are funded throughout the state.

In summary, the Library provides a valuable service to our city and the surrounding communities. We urge all voters to vote ‘yes’ in support of the Library, the services it provides, and to right-size the tax levy to be the most efficient and equitable for all.


John Buckley, Mayor
Michelle Smith, City Chamberlain
Melissa Ponticello, 1st Ward Alderman
Jeffrey Brown, 2nd Ward Alderman
John Allison, 3rd Ward Alderman
Richard Argentieri, 4th Ward Alderman
Daniel Warriner, 5th Ward Alderman
Jessica Cleveland, 6th Ward Alderman
Kevin Valentine, 7th Ward Alderman
James Bassage, 8th Ward Alderman
Steven Shinebarger, 9th Ward Alderman
John Carbone, 10th Ward Alderman