Hornell School Board Talks About Upcoming Capital Project Vote

March 18, 2015

HORNELL NY – The Hornell City School District met Wednesday night and approved several resolutions for referendums that will appear on the ballot when the 2015-16 year budget goes to a vote on May 19, 2015. A resolution for a 20.16 million dollar Capitol was the first item on the agenda.

As for the cost of the twenty million dollar bond, if approved by voters, Superintendent Wyant says the bond will cost the average household that has an approximate assessed value of $70,000 with the star exemption about eight dollars extra a year for the notes term which is ten years.

Seniors with the star exemption can expect an increase of approximately one dollar for that same period. An average homeowner with no star exemption could expect an increase of $15 dollars per year under the same term. If this measure is approved by voters, the construction would most likely not begin until sometime in 2016.

Another issue to be placed on the ballot will be the addition of two more seats to the City School District’s board of Education increasing the number which currently is at five seats, to a new level of seven seats. The next resolution that was considered and passed by the board to be put to a vote in May is the expenditure of $142,000 to buy a new school bus to the districts’ fleet. That money will come out of an existing school bus reserve fund from 2012.

A resolution passed by the board to include a proposition authorizing of an capitol outlay construction project in the amount of $300,000. Those funds will come from a fund that was in the budget from past years. The project will involve renovations of two multi-use toilet facilities on the first and second floor of the high school. Superintendent Wyant noted that this money will be replaced by the state next year, so it comes at no additional cost to the taxpayers of the district.

The voters in the school district will be able to voice their opinions at the polls on May 19, 2015. This ballot will include: The 2015-16 budget for the district, as well as the above reported resolutions that were all approved by the Board of Education Wednesday night.