Hornell School District Sees Improvements in Numerous Areas

December 7, 2016

HORNELL, NY – At Wednesday night’s monthly Board of Education meeting a number of school district improvements were made public. Julie Smith, assistant principle at the Hornell High School, announced that all of the fall athletic teams were awarded scholar athlete status even with the increased criteria for the designation.

Also behavior referrals were down 35% compared to last year, and 53% of students between 7th and 12th grade received honor passes (special privileges) as a reward for their hard work in the classroom. School tardiness is also down 18% from the previous year, which according to Smith can be somewhat attributed to a later reporting time. Multiple failures, or students who are ineligible for after school extra curricular activities because of failing grades, are also down 20%.

In other news Jeremiah Cooper received praise as being the first student in 25 years from Hornell to receive recognition for singing after attending the All State Mixed Chorus. He was selected for recognition over a field of 9000 participants.

Also there is a discrepancy with the Hornell graduation rate. In a previous board meeting Superintendent Doug Wyant was elated to announce that the graduation rate for Hornell is currently at 83%. For some unknown reason Albany’s figures do not match the districts, with their figures right around 74%. Wyant said more investigation is needed to figure out the difference, and he is confident that the 10% increase over last year’s rate of 76% will be official.