Hornell School Employees: Three Year Contract Deal

March 17, 2016
HORNELL, NY – After months of negotiations a decision was made on contracts of employees of the Hornell City School District. The School board unanimously passed a three year deal between the Hornell Educators Association and Superintendent Doug Wyant.

Salary is going up 2.6, 3.2, and 3.2 percent in each of 3 years. Extra work hourly rate increased from $16 to $20 or $25 depending on the type of work. An additional longevity of 15 years was added. Employee health insurance contribution is going up 1% over 3 years. Future retiree Medicare coverage was capped at a specific dollar amount. Also teachers will also have the option to choose a lower cost health plan in retirement rather than remaining on the full District plan which will save both the employee and the District money. This will effect roughly 160 teaches in the district.
For Administrators: Salary is going up 3 percent in each of 5 years. Employee health contribution will go up 2% over 5 years. An additional longevity was added at 20 years of service. Future retiree Medicare coverage was capped at a specific dollar amount.
In other news the board is still wrestling with the budget to lower a possible tax increase. Some measures being looked into to help cut costs are not replacing teachers who are retiring and also eliminating some paid coaching positions. Wyant told the board that the elimination of certain teaching positions will inevitably increase class sizes. Certain board members were concerned over this.
As it stands now, the budget is around $37,000,000, up $127,000 or 1.43% over last years. Total aid has dipped two tenths of a percent over the previous year and the tax cap limit is 2.9%. If the budget went to voters tomorrow, a 5.3% tax increase would be needed. Wyant was confident that with further cuts and expected increases in aid those numbers will be much closer come voting time.
The annual school board member elections and budget vote will be held Tuesday, May 19, 2016.