Hornell’s Proposed Capital Project To Be Voted On In May

February 4, 2015
HORNELL, NY – On Wednesday night, the Hornell City School district gave Superintendent Doug Wyant, the go ahead to put the paperwork together to present the board at the upcoming March meeting on March 2, at 6:30, with a new capitol project with the price tag of approximately 20 million dollars.

The project will go to the residents in a vote that will take place on May 19.  That vote will also decide a few other resolutions including raising the number of board members up to seven members. That seven member proposition was nullified by a error with the voting machines that took place last year in the fall, in which Judith Rose elected to her board seat.

The board will hear details of the capitol project at the March meeting as the information will be then given to local residents of the city school district for the May 19 vote.