How Hornell and Hornellsville Voted

November 5, 2014

WLEA has learned more about the local election results.

Below are the results of Hornell and Hornellsville combined, though it should be noted that the North Hornell print outs are not in yet. However, here’s what we know so far:

Cuomo/Hochul – 809 votes
Astorino/Moss – 2,026

Tom Dinapoli 916
Robert Antonnachi 1,323

Schneiderman 651
John Cahill 1,611

Martha Robertson 637
Congressman Tom Reed 1,780

Again, the third district of Hornellsville (North Hornell), has not turned in their print outs yet, but the numbers above are not expected to be reversed, as North Hornell has a good number of GOP  voters.