Joe Racalto Endorses Buckley

September 18, 2017

HORNELL, NY – Here’s the latest endorsement for Hornell GOP leader/9th ward alderman John Buckley, it comes from Joe Racalto:

Why John Buckley is the Right Choice for Hornell

As a proud democrat, I am crossing the political lines, and I am endorsing John Buckley to be Hornell’s next mayor. For background, John and I grew up on Van Scoter St., graduated from HHS in 89′ and we have both been engaged on public policy, albeit with different paths and beliefs.

While I take issue with John’s statement of getting ‘more state and federal’ grants, while, at the same time, advocating for a smaller government (reminds me of the great line from my former boss, the late Senator Ted Kennedy, “everyone want to go to heaven, no one wants to die…”), John’s heart and vision aligns with much of I would also advocate for.

In every election, we must question the vision the candidate has for their respective office. John’s vision for Hornell is to keep the quality of life high, taxes low, and crime afar — no small feat.

His balanced engagement with those who don’t agree with him, while often agreeing to change his stance, is a welcomed attribute to politics.

His collegial respect of his colleagues on the city council should be noted, with admiration. And his strong desire to continue to explore ways to help poor people, struggling with life issues, should be commendable. Absent action, voters will hold him accountable. This is not a concern for me, because I know John. John is a man of his word. And while we have had deep disagreements over policy, we have seldom disagreed on the shared outcomes. That is, we only disagreed on the vehicle to get to those outcomes.

That being said, and more importantly, John is my friend. John has embraced my family, fiancé and life. That takes character, and that takes conviction. As mayor, I have zero doubt he’ll bring those same traits to the mayors office, and its residents. John will not judge, he will be a mayor for all Hornellians – I would not endorse if I thought otherwise.

Finally, as Hornell turns the chapter to a new administration, Hornellian’s should be thankful that dedicated servants like John, have agreed to devote his time and energy to moving the city forward.

John Buckley is the correct author to write Hornell’s next chapter. And I’m humbled to lend my friend my support, and thank him for his dedication to public service. Thank you, John.

Joe Racalto