John Lewis Is Running For Mayor

June 29 2017

HORNELL, NY – This morning on the 1480 Club, John Lewis announced that he’ll be leaving the show, because he’s running for Mayor of Hornell (he will continue working as station manager at Wlea and Fun 92.1).

Lewis will be running as an Independent. “So today, I’m thrilled to announce my candidacy for mayor, of the beautiful City of Hornell,” Lewis said. “I’ve never been political here on the 1480 Club, and when I filled in even on the Newsmaker Show. Where do I fall in the political spectrum? I would say right in the middle. I enjoy hearing from both Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Green Partiers, and those who have even had enough with politics. We can find common ground, compromise and solutions to problems, but only if we all work together. Again, I’m not a politician, but I’d be just as invested in working with Assemblyman Errigo, as I would with Governor Cuomo.”