Langworthy’s IRS Vote

January 10, 2022

From Congressman Nick Langworthy’s Press Spokesperson Molly Safreed:

Congressman Nick Langworthy wasted no time in getting to work on behalf of the taxpayers of New York’s 23rd Congressional District, making some of his key promises his first legislative priorities following his Saturday morning official swearing-in.

The 118th Congress Rules Package and the Family and Small Business Taxpayer Protection Act has passed and the era of Pelosi’s reign of big, bloated, and unacceptable government is over. This Congress is putting its money where its mouth is in getting spending under control and putting more power back in the hands of Americans, not unelected bureaucrats.

“The problems facing the people of Western New York and the Southern Tier require a sense of urgency and that’s what they deserve from their representatives. I made a promise to protect taxpayers from an overzealous, politicized IRS and I delivered. The American people entrusted us with the Majority and it’s time we produce results. We are just getting started.” – Congressman Nick Langworthy

• Democrats voted to supercharge the IRS with a massive infusion of taxpayer dollars focused on IRS enforcement and the hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents to squeeze American taxpayers.
o This expansion would have made the IRS have more staff than the Pentagon, State Department, Border Patrol, and FBI combined.
• Democrats have long used the IRS and the tax code as a political weapon and will lead to more IRS abuses like those we’ve seen in the past.