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Libordi and Stevens Come To Another Hornellsville Meeting

Libordi and Stevens At Another Hornellsville Meeting
January 15, 2014

​HORNELLSVILLE, NY – North Hornell Village Trustee Frank Libordi (R) showed up at last night’s Hornellsville Town meeting.

Libordi had several questions. He first wanted to find out about a letter that WLEA News reported on, that Hornellsville clerk Sheryl Isaman says attorney Pat McAllister dictated to her, about a FOIL request Libordi made. “I was just interested in what Pat thought, that’s the issue,” Libordi told Town Clerk Sheryl Isaman.

Libordi also wants to know if Hornellsville Town Supervisor Ken Isaman spent taxpayer money, a total of $600, on a Pennesaver political ad that Isaman had made in response to political ads that Larry Stevens put in the Pennesaver.

Libordi/Isaman Video – January 14, 2014

Frank Libordi, along with Larry “Hot Dog” Stevens, have been coming to Hornellsville meetings for months now. Stevens has a website that makes accusations of corruption about the Hornellsville Town Board. Stevens has also filed a lawsuit against Hornellsville and he makes frequent freedom of information requests of Hornellsville Town Hall.

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