Livingston County Sheriff Releases More Details About Geneseo Shootout With Truck Driver

July 1, 2020

From Livingston County Sheriff Tom Dougherty:

Today the Sheriff released the following information at a press briefing at our HQ:

Joshua Blessed (Sergeia Jourev) DOB: 1/4/62
Time of stop by Leroy PD 8:37pm
Time of fatal shot by Deputies 9:52pm
Total Duration- One Hour and 15 Minutes

Shots fired by Blessed utilizing a 9mm GLOCK

First shots fired by Blessed 9:27pm in front of Quicklees on 20a in Geneseo – nine (9) rounds struck Livingston County Sheriff’s Investigator unmarked vehicle.

Second set of shots by Blessed prior to intersection of Country Club Road and 20a – (1) round striking Livingston County Sheriff’s Deputy marked patrol vehicle

Third set of shots by Blessed at 9:31pm at exit 8 – two (2) rounds striking Genesee County Sheriff’s Deputy marked patrol car and two (2) rounds striking Leroy Police Officer’s marked car.

Several other reports of shots fired by Blessed between 390 southbound on ramp at Exit 8, the U TURN south of Exit 8 and the northbound on ramp at Exit 8.

A total of twenty four (24) 9mm casings recovered between the above shooting locations and in the cab of truck

Blessed was found to be in possession of a Glock 9mm with seventeen (17) round magazines – if all were fully loaded Blessed potentially fired twenty nine (29) rounds, the gun had six (6) rounds left in it along with another fully loaded seventeen (17) round magazine. This is based on what was found in the truck and on his person. The potential of more exists if Blessed threw a magazine from the truck, however none were recovered through investigation.

Shots fired by Deputies

Total of seven (7) Deputies fired their a weapon at Blessed – Five (5) members of the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office and two (2) members of the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office.

The first round of shots by Livingston County Sheriff’s Deputies was on the Exit 8 northbound exit ramp at 9:44pm – total of sixty one (61) rounds.

The Second round fired by Livingston County Sheriff’s Deputies immediately following first round on the bridge of 20a at exit 8 – total of seventeen (17) rounds.

Third round fired by Livingston County Sheriff’s Deputies immediately following second round was west of the bridge at exit 8 – three (3) rounds.

A total of five members of the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office fired rounds at Exit 8.

The fourth round of fire by a combination of Livingston County Sheriff’s Deputies and Genesee County Sheriff’s Deputies at 20a/Morgan View Drive at 9:52pm – forty eight (48) rounds.

Total rounds fire by Livingston County Sheriff’s Deputies and Genesee County Sheriff’s Deputies was one hundred and twenty nine (129).

Tractor trailer hit ninety one (91) times – misses and/or broken glass explain the difference.

Blessed background

Numerous social media sites and police bulletins showing Blessed involved in militia, extremism, and anti-police philosophies.

Working in conjunction with local FBI and FBI in Richmond VA
a search warrant was executed on May 28th on Blessed vehicle – recovered were three (3) IED pipe bombs, one (1) AK-47, loaded 9mm GLOCK magazines, and approximately $18,000 in cash.

On May 29th law enforcement was contacted by a person who rented a room to Blessed for approximately three (3) years – a search was executed and recovered were eleven (11) IEDs, one(1) AK-47 with a thermal scope, one (1) .50 caliber rifle, one (1) .338 caliber sniper rifle, thousands of dollars’ worth of ammunition, and approximately $130,000 in cash, along with several manuals on how to build IEDs and how to avoid Law Enforcement Detection.

“There is no doubt in my mind that this man was an extremist who had a hate for law enforcement and wanted to kill cops,” stated Sheriff Dougherty. “I commend the members of our Office, as well as partner agencies members, for their bravery and excellence in terminating a very rare active shooter scenario involving an eighteen wheeler. The combination of bullets and a massive vehicle were a difficult and unique challenge but we met that challenge and terminated the threat protecting countless lives. I am very proud to lead this incredible team. I also thank the residents of Livingston County for the outpouring of support. We appreciate the great partnership we have with you in public safety.”