Local School Board/Budget Voting Results 2021

May 18, 2021


Proposition #1: The school budget
Yes: 389
No: 133

Proposition #2: The sale of Bryant Elementary to Park Grove
Yes: 334
No: 193
Bryant Sale Referendum
So the sale of the Bryant Elementary School to Park Grove Acquisition, LLC, will go through, at a negotiated overall sale price of $500,000 with 334 voting in favor of the sale and 193 opposed. The building has been slated for closure at the end of the 2020-21school year. Learn more about the Bryant Building Sale Proposition: https://www.hornellcityschools.com/Page/1525

“While we share in our residents’ attachment to Bryant school, we are confident that the decision to accept Park Grove’s offer and their plan for the site is in the best interest of our schools, our taxpayers, and our city and our city at large,” Superintendent Palotti said.

Board of Education Seats:
Dr. Uzma Mehr- elected to a five year term
Mr. Joseph Liberto- elected to a five year term
Mr. James Marino- elected to a five year term

Arkport Central Budget passed
Yes votes 199
No votes 67
Arkport Central Bus Purchase passed
Yes votes 216
No votes 43
Arkport Central Bus Lease passed
Yes votes 185
No votes 64
BOE: Incumbent – Julianne Merry was elected

The CG Budget passed, 172 yes – 31 no
Library Levy: 154 yes – 49 no
Capital Bus Reserve Purchases: 171 yes – 32 no
Two Board Seats: Fred Thompson and Marcy Bradley (both incumbents and uncontested races) were both re-elected.

Alfred-Almond Central:
The Alfred-Almond budget passed,
Yes votes – 249
No votes – 175

Prop #1 – the bus prop passed At Alfred-Almond
Yes votes – 373
No votes – 149

Prop 2 – Almond Library and Alfred Box of Books Library
Yes votes – 376
No votes – 147

Alfred-Almond School Board race
Jason Burdick 270, Buckdick was elected
John D’Angelo 244

At Canaseraga Central School, the budget passed.
Yes votes – 53
No votes – 11
Also, the Library Prop passed.
Yes votes – 43
No votes – 18

Frances Hoffman won a five year term to the Canaseraga Central School board.
56 votes for Hoffman, who is an incumbent.

The JT Central 2021 budget passed.
Yes votes- 162
No votes- 11

JT Central School board seat winners:
Dylan Price 97 votes
Laura Eggleston 102 votes

JT’s Prop#2, the bus prop (to lease buses and use the capital reserve to pay for leasing payments), Prop #2 passed,
Yes votes – 157
No votes – 11

The 2021 Andover budget passed
Yes votes – 84
No votes – 13

Prop 2, The Andover bus prop passed
Yes votes – 86
No votes – 11

Prop 3, The Andover Library Prop passed
Yes votes – 81
No votes – 16

Betsy Kent was re-elected to the Andover School Board,
83 votes