March 15, 2021 – Academic All Stars Final Regular Season Scores

March 15, 2021

In the final matches of the regular season there were ties in three of the divisions resulting in exciting tiebreakers!

In the LARGE SCHOOL DIVISION, Bath edged out Hornell with a score of 55 to 52. Corning Black then beat Corning Gold with a score of 58 – 48 which gave both Corning teams a 4-2 season. If teams tie in games won, there is a tiebreaker round. In this 21 question toss-up, the Corning Gold came out on top with a 5 – 3 win. Congratulations Corning Gold on a terrific season and the title of Large School Division Champions!

The MEDIUM LARGE SCHOOL DIVISION had some spirited play with Canisteo-Greenwood winning over Addison with a score of 54 – 29 and Naples beating Campbell-Savona 49 – 29. This gave Naples the Championship of the Medium Large School division with a well coached undefeated season.

After Avoca outscored Arkport 53 to 19, they went on to play Alfred-Almond for the MEDIUM SMALL SCHOOL DIVISION title. The 21 question tiebreaker ended in a 6 – 6 tie. In the second 10 question round, the final score was 3 to 3! It wasn’t until sudden death that Avoca took the title of Medium Small School Division Champions. Congratulations, Avoca!

And another tiebreaker took place in the SMALL SCHOOL DIVISION. After Canaseraga eked by Bradford in a 7-3 game, Canaseraga dominated the tiebreaker with quick buzzing and an 8-0 win and is now the Small School Division Champion. Well done.

The William P. Lentz Academic All Star Scholarships were announced tonight. These students whose achievements in academic excellence and in service to school and community best exemplify the qualities found in an All Star are:
SMALL SCHOOL DIVISION: Kylee Herndon, Prattsburgh Central School
MEDIUM SMALL SCHOOL DIVISION: Lillian Crane, Avoca Central School
MEDIUM LARGE SCHOOL DIVISION: Jessie Norton, Naples High School, and
LARGE SCHOOL DIVISION: Olivia Gudeahn, Bath/Haverling High School
AT LARGE: Amber Weinar, Alfred-Almond Central School

Next Monday night Corning Gold and Naples compete for the large school championship and Avoca and Canaseraga go head to head for the small school championship trophies. For an exciting evening of academics, find the stream on the GSTBOCES site and join us.