Mayor’s Debate Gets Big Turnout

November 1st, 2017

HORNELL, NY – With only 6 days to go before the mayoral race in Hornell between Independent John Lewis, Green Party Joe Duffy, and Republican John Buckley, a debate was held at the Hornell Golf Club Wednesday night to give each candidate a chance to answer questions on their views for the future of the city.

To the surprise of over 100 people in attendance, candidate John Buckley appeared and participated in the debate despite previous announcements that he had other engagements that evening.

Some of the questions asked by the moderators included housing, the opioid crisis, city hiring and budget management, the future of HAT transportation, zombie properties, and healthcare in our community.

The event, hosted by reporters Neil Simon and Jason Jordan of the Evening Tribune, lasted for about an hour and fifteen minutes with roughly 12 questions presented. Each candidate had 2 minutes to respond with the others having a chance for a rebuttal.

At the conclusion, they were given over two minutes for closing statements. Although loud clapping and occasional interruptions were heard early on, the moderators informed the audience that crowd participation was forbidden do to time constraints.

You can view the entire debate below: