N. Hornell talks sewer project

February 15, 2022

By Jasmine Willis

NORTH HORNELL ¬— The village board talked upcoming sewer project and other business at the regular board meeting on Feb. 14 at 6 p.m.

North Hornell Village Clerk Vanessa Scott gave a public announcement about masks and Rapid Covid testing kits now available at the village hall. Anyone can come get a kit during normal business hours.

“We have two test kits and six masks to hand out to people now. If you know someone who needs a kit, or you would like to get one they are available at the village hall. Anyone can come during normal business hours to get the kits,” she said.

The treasurers report is available in hard copy format for anyone to view during business hours.

North Hornell Deputy Mayor Joseph Ingalls made a request to look into the outdated fees on death and birth certificates. He said other villages and towns have been approved to increase to $30. Right now, the fees are $10 for the death and birth certificates in North Hornell.

Canisteo Police Chief Kyle Amidon gave a report about the 2006 Police Vehicle. It has been returned to the police department. The vehicle was in repair for faulty equipment, and if the problem arises again, they are to bring it back to the shop. Amidon said the manufacturing companies are having a hard time keeping up with demand on new police vehicles, so they are working with what they have now.

North Hornell DPW Superintendent Richard Scavo said a notice must go out to the village residents that MRB Group will be doing a test on the sewer system on Feb. 21. This project will look into the possible problems with the sewer system.

“We had a meeting with MRB Group and they will start the test on the sewer system on Feb. 21. We will let the village know they will be working on that for the next couple weeks,” he said. “This project comes from a need to look into the sewer system to see if there are any cracks, breaks, or damage done to the lines. They are going to send a video down there to check out the sewer system for any problems we may have.”

Scott mentioned the tower system and desk being outdated and in need of replacement. It was discussed the importance of a new tower and desk at the meeting.

“At least once a week my mouse will freeze, and everything blacks out on me. It takes forever to load anything, and it runs very slow. The tower is very old and outdated. It won’t connect easily to the internet anymore..”
“The desk is falling apart too. The drawers are falling apart and the front of it is almost falling apart. The bottom of it is all cockeyed. It has been a long time since we changed it. That desk is 18 years old, and we got a lot out of it,” Scott continued.

Scavo explained the cost of labor and the new equipment for the two monitors will come to about $1,000. These two monitors will allow Scott to multitask on the same computer. He said the same system is used at the village court and has made life a lot easier.

The two items for the village clerk were approved at the meeting.

Ingalls is running for mayor in the upcoming village election on March 15. He has been on the board as a trustee since 2016. North Hornell Mayor John Falci will retire from his position. He has been mayor since 2005 and been on the village board since 1992. There are two trustee spots opened for the upcoming election as well. North Hornell Trustee Rich Head is not seeking re-election. Republican candidates Peter DiRaimondo and Elise McCollum are running for the two trustee spots. Democratic candidate Brian Friedland will run for village trustee in the election.

Ingalls said he plans on continuing the good work done on the village board as the new mayor if elected.

“If new things pop up we will deal with them, and continue on like we always have. John did a great job as our mayor. He had a wealth of experience to offer. We are going to continue in the right direction,” he said. “We will welcome two new people to our board after the election. We just finished a sidewalk and curb replacement project. Right now, we are working on this sewer project. We look forward to getting the data from this project and going from there.”

In other business the village board handled resolutions and action items:

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade has been approved with the fire trucks being allowed to participate in the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day.

Some resolutions were made to the budget in order to pay for the upcoming sewer project.

The third street village resident who requested to use village land has been approved temporary access.