Nojay Slams Governor And Senate GOP

May 3, 2016
ALBANY, NY – Assemblyman Bill Nojay (R, Pittsford) issued a statement, about the federal investigation into one of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s top aides, Joe Percoco, who is being investigated for alleged corruption, when the governor’s office was awarding the Buffalo Billion.
“Not a year out of the most scandal-filled session in New York State history and the people of New York are faced with another round of ethical and corruption allegations against the administration of the highest office in the state. This is happening on the same day as the sentencing of former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and days before former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos is sentenced following their corruption convictions,” said Nojay. “It’s clear the governor’s promises to end corruption are simply two-faced lies meant to gain favor with the public as he works behinds the scenes with his inner circle to dole out favors to supporters and to keep the cash flowing.”
In addition to the accusations leveled against Percoco, the Southern District of New York is investigating the governor’s office into whether a conflict of interest was present when construction projects for the Buffalo Billion were awarded to development companies who previously donated to the governor’s campaign. Numerous development companies given projects with the state are, or were, contributors to the election and re-election of the governor.
“Senate Republicans sold out to their Democratic colleagues in the Senate and Assembly and failed to implement substantial ethics and corruption reform in this year’s budget and now we’re seeing what happens when bureaucrats and elected officials are allowed to exploit the system for personal gain. We cannot allow rich campaign donors to control the direction of the state and to end this system we need campaign contribution limits on LLCs and unions as well as term limits for legislative leaders and pension forfeiture for corrupt politicians. The time for talk is over. We need reform now,” Nojay said.