North Hornell To Decide On Opt-Out Law In December

November 6, 2021

NORTH HORNELL, NY – The North Hornell Village board will decide what they’re going to do regarding the marijuana opt out law, in late December. That’s the cut-off date from the state, the end of the month is when municapalities have to have their decisions sent in to the state capital in Albany.

The North Hornell Fire Department is working on getting a FEMA grant for over $150,000 for equipment. Right now, they are also in the process of repairing fire engine #85.

North Hornell Department of Public Works Chief Rich Scavo says, the North Hornell Sewer System, is going to be thoroughly examined with cameras. According to Scavo, this has not been done since 1969.

Scavo spoke to village officials Monday night, about how high the water got recently as a result of the flash flooding in Steuben County. According to the DPW Chief, North Hornell’s river got much higher the weekend before last, and in his words, “higher than he’s ever seen it.”