NYS Dems Issue Statement About Zeldin Going To Mara Lago

April 1, 2022

From New York State Democratic Party Spokesperson James Martin:

“This week, New Yorkers saw Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin tout his complete and total alignment with Donald Trump’s far-right base. And tonight, Lee Zeldin is headed to Mar-a-Lago eagerly seeking Trump’s endorsement. What Lee might be forgetting is that New Yorkers have resoundingly rejected Trump and everything he stands for. From day one, Lee Zeldin has served as Donald Trump’s right-hand man, actively supporting efforts to overturn the 2020 election, restricting voting rights, and opposing critical COVID-19 relief and investments in our economy.

So, joke’s on you Lee, as you party at Mar-a-Lago this ‘April Fool’s Day,’ begging for Trump’s endorsement, you’re showing New Yorkers just how big of a fool you are.”