Officials React To The Governor’s Resignation Announcement

August 10, 2021

From Mayor John Buckley: “I look forward to working with Kathy Hochul, the first female governor of New York State. I’ve spent time with incoming Governor Hochul on several occasions over the years regarding to the Downtown Revitalization Initiative and other issues that affect Hornell. Kathy Hochul has always been a staunch supporter of local governments which will serve her well as governor.” 

From State Senator Tom O’Mara: “I think we have all been tired of hearing this governor desperately and pitifully trying to hold on to power over the past several months and so it is important for the start of a new era in New York State government.  It is critical that a new governor and the Legislature immediately get refocused on governing, on addressing the critical challenges facing local communities here in the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes regions and throughout this state, on rebuilding New York’s economic and fiscal future, and on restoring public safety and trust.  It is important to move forward.  It is also important that all of the investigations into the misconduct and misdeeds of the Cuomo administration be carried out to their fullest extent for the sake of justice.  Too many lives have been shattered and everyone responsible for the cover-ups and illegal actions that have come to define this administration must be held accountable.”  

From Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes: “As a member of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, I have been unable to speak on the ongoing investigation into Gov. Cuomo as freely as, perhaps, I would have liked. However, now that Gov. Cuomo has offered his resignation, I can say that I believe this was inevitable and will help our state move forward from this tumultuous time. There are serious challenges ahead of us, and I welcome the opportunity to work more closely with our new governor, Kathy Hochul – our state’s first woman to hold this office.”

From Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie:  “This has been a tragic chapter in our state’s history. Governor Cuomo’s resignation is the right decision.  The brave women who stepped forward were heard. Everyone deserves to work in a harassment free environment.  I have spoken with Lieutenant Governor Hochul and I look forward to working with her.”
From Steuben Co Democrat Chairman Shawn Hogan: “As Steuben County Democratic Party Chair, I called for the Governor’s resignation last week.  I did not celebrate the tragedy I grieved. This is a sad turn of events that has impacted many lives, the victims, the Cuomo family and the people of the great State of New York. The Governor did many great things for the State of New York and it’s people. Here locally we would not have a Hospital if not for Governor Cuomo, his efforts to assist Alstom helped them succeed.  Today a new chapter begins, I welcome and support incoming Governor Hochul and we should all pull together to work with her in these troubled times. We have Covid-19 to beat, people to be vaccinated, schools to open, we must move New York forward for all, Kathy Hochul has the intelligence and compassion to do this and more.”

From Steuben Co GOP Chairman Joe Sempolinski: “The resignation of Governor Andrew Cuomo is long overdue. His treatment of women who worked for him was criminal. The fact that he corruptly profited from the COVID pandemic was abominable. The unnecessary deaths on his watch in the nursing homes of this state were tragic.  I pray that this resignation gives some comfort to the many diverse victims of Andrew Cuomo and their families.   I also hope that this resignation does not mean that he will escape prosecution for his crimes.  I call on soon to be Gov. Hochul to make a clean break from the policies and personnel of the failed, corrupt Cuomo administration. 

From Assemblyman Phil Palmesano: In light of the numerous scandals and investigations surrounding Gov. Cuomo, the governor announcing his resignation today was inevitable and long overdue.  This will be remembered as a dark period in New York state history. His resignation is clearly in the best interest of all New Yorkers. However, it is critically important that the numerous investigations taking place continue to completion so answers and accountability can be provided, particularly for the families of those who lost loved ones in nursing homes, the brave women who came forward to share their experiences and for all New Yorkers for having to endure the dark period of cover-ups, illegal activity and total lack of transparency and honesty.   We have important business and challenges to address on behalf of the residents of the Southern Tier, Finger Lakes and all of New York state.  It is my hope Lt. Gov. Hochul will work in a more collaborative and bipartisan manner in order to put our focus and energy on addressing the needs of New Yorkers who are looking for honest and transparent leadership. I look forward to working with her during this challenging transition as she becomes the first female governor of New York state.”

From Assemblyman Joe Giglio:  “This governor had no choice than to be held accountable for his actions and resignation was his only real way out, barring impeachment. Andrew Cuomo is a disgrace to the office of governor of the state of New York.  While Mr. Cuomo has resigned based on the attorney general’s report and the allegations of sexual harassment, he still must answer for the nursing home deaths, priority COVID testing for those in his inner circle, safety issues with the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, and the use of state resources in the publication of his book about his ‘leadership’ during the pandemic.  The Judiciary Committee should complete their work and release their findings on all of the issues being investigated, and for which impeachment was being considered.  It is my hope that Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul, a native of Western New York, will provide a more open, bipartisan administration for all New Yorkers. I wish her well as she assumes the awesome responsibilities that accompany the position of governor of New York State.”

From State Senator George Borrello: “After months of scandal, Governor Cuomo finally made the right decision today following months of denial and stonewalling.  New Yorkers can breathe a sigh of relief and get back to the important task of recovering from the damage caused by the pandemic and bad policies from this governor.  Despite his apologies, we won’t forget or forgive team Cuomo’s behind-the-scenes attempts to discredit and undermine the reputations of the 11 courageous women who had the courage to come forward. We cannot and will not forget them or what they endured.  We also won’t forget the countless nursing home residents – our parents, grandparents and friends – who lost their lives to his unconscionable policies.  I look forward to working with Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul to make a better and safer state for everyone.”  

From U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: “First and foremost, I want to thank the incredibly courageous women who came forward and shared their stories. They are the true public servants here. New York now has a chance to move forward and build a new culture of leadership. Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul is an exceptional public servant and will be an excellent governor. I look forward to working together to continue serving the people of our great state.”

From GOP Gubenatorial Hopeful/Congressman Lee Zeldin:  “Andrew Cuomo’s statement today is a clear indication he is resigning to skirt all repercussions for his actions as opposed to accounting for his misconduct. He knows he would be impeached. He knows he would be voted out of office. Andrew Cuomo broke the law and criminal repercussions must follow, despite him no longer serving in public office. From his deadly nursing home order and coverup, to his $5.1 million self-congratulatory book deal and serial harassment and abuse of others, he’s been unfit to continue serving for a long period of time.  Unfortunately, for New Yorkers, we’re left with Cuomo’s Lieutenant who empowered this disgusting behavior while Andrew Cuomo cultivated this toxic culture, leaving a trail of victims in its wake. Kathy Hochul has been silent scandal after scandal, from fatal nursing home policies and coverups to rampant harassment, intimidation, bullying and abuse. In November of 2022, we must rid New York of the Cuomo-Hochul administration and its disgraceful legacy. We need new leadership in New York to end the attacks on our freedoms, our wallets and our safety, and Save Our State.  Every New Yorker, regardless of who they vote for, where they live or how much they make, deserves much better than this. The last three Democrat Governors have left office embroiled in scandal. Albany corruption is systemic, fundamental and real. One-party Democrat rule enables this type of malign behavior. It’s not just about Cuomo, it’s about those who continue to preserve the status quo and have failed to learn from the mistakes of the past. Voters in New York need to take back control of how we are governed and set the standards we want for those who are given the honor of serving us.”

From State Teachers Union NYSUT: “Kathy Hochul has long been a dedicated public servant and has shown leadership throughout her career. We look forward to working with her on the challenges we face ahead.” 

From State Comptroller Tom Dinapoli: “The Governor has done the right thing. New York is facing many challenges as we battle the ongoing impact of COVID-19. My team and I stand ready to assist incoming Governor Hochul as we move the state forward.”

From Former Candidate for Governor, Zephyr Teachout: Thank you @NewYorkStateAG
From Former Candidate For Governor/Gubenetorial hopeful, Rob Astorino:  “Good riddance. Andrew Cuomo’s legacy is 11 years of corruption and decline. The Albany insiders from both parties ignored the former and everyday New Yorkers suffered the latter. Dead last among states in every positive category, under Cuomo we only led in highest taxes, government corruption and people fleeing the state. Well over one million New Yorkers fled to other states since he took office. The last three Governors – Spitzer, Paterson and now Cuomo, all departed office under a cloud of scandal and it will happen again if we put someone in the office who is stained by Albany and Cuomo corruption. I’ve long said, Albany’s corruption preceded Cuomo and it will survive him unless we change course. That’s why I was always running for governor regardless of who my opponent will be.”