On the Planning Board Recommendation – Hartsville Amends Wind Law

October 10th, 2018

HARTSVILLE, NY – On a recommendation from the Planning Board, Hartsville has decided to amend its current wind law to include a decibel limit. The law originally left the decibel limits up to article 10 suggestions, but the board thought it safe to manually add a limit. Since this was a minor adjustment no Public Hearing will be necessary.

Deleted from the original law was under Noise Level Limit: Refer to the SEQR requirements under article 10 of the Public Service Law for standards and guidelines, and added was: An industrial WTG shall be designed, installed, and operated so that the noise generated by the system shall not exceed 50 decibels, as measured at the closest neighboring inhabited dwelling.

Not all council members were on board with the change, with Randy Amidon voting no. He stated, as he has said all along, that he would like it to read from the nearest property line instead of dwelling. Supervisor John Bowles stated that he already agreed to Amidon’s demand to increase the distance from 900 ft to 1400 ft, but apparently Amidon was still not satisfied. The final vote was 3 to 1, with Russell Gerow abstaining due to conflict of interest.

In other news, the town will be actively searching for grants a new salt shed and emergency generator for the Town Barn. The state has mandated that all salt must be stored properly in a covered dwelling and has given Hartsville 2 years to fund and construct one. A volunteer came forward at the meeting and has agreed to help with the grant filing process.

After an inspection of the old Hartsville Schoolhouse, it was determined that the foundation is deteriorating rapidly. According to Supervisor John Bowles, if the building collapses it will not be covered by insurance as it would be in case of a fire ect. The question now is how much will it cost to fix and can it be afforded?

In a plus for the town, it was determined that the Village of Canisteo has to be more transparent when billing the town for the fire contract. They must provide more info on where they are getting their numbers and their total expenses. The current contract calls for a yearly payment of $49,500.

And finally the 1994 town’s Mack Truck sold at the auction for $2,250.