Palmesano: Glad Mixed Martial Arts Is On The Way To Becoming Legal in NYS

March 22, 2016
Assemblyman Phil Palmesano issued this statement about MMA:
“Today, the New York State Assembly passed legislation to legalize Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in New York. It is a decision a long time coming. Legalizing MMA will stimulate economic development and job creation. Just as important are the safety regulations this bill establishes, not just for professional competitions, but for amateur competitions which have been held in our state for many years. I was pleased to co-sponsor this bill, and I’m glad it finally passed today.”
Palmesano noted that the MMA bill, which had previously passed the Senate, now goes to Governor Cuomo for his approval. Once the governor approves this bill, New York will become the last state in the country to legalize MMA