Reed: $136,000 Grant For Fillmore Central

June 18, 2020

From Congressman Reed:

Today, Rep. Tom Reed announced a $136,509 Appalachian Regional Commission grant for Fillmore Central School District. The grant will be used for a program that provides students with the opportunity earn a certification and license to become a drone operator.

“STEM careers, like drone piloting, are the jobs of the future. If we are to position our students for success, they need access to the critical educational programs and skills that will provide them with economic opportunities long after school has finished,” said Tom. “Fillmore Central School District will do a great job with this program and it will benefit students for years to come.”

“We’re excited because at Fillmore, this funding will provide a STEM pathway for our students,” said Betsy Hardy, Fillmore Central School District director of technology. “We have partnered with Alfred University so the students will be able to matriculate afterward and attend Alfred University. That’s really exciting for our students.

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