Reed: Deregulation = More Jobs

July 12, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Tom Reed issued a statement, saying that deregulation is helping create jobs.

“I care about those struggling with over burdensome and unfair regulations placed upon them by out of touch Washington bureaucrats,” said Rep. Reed. “From the lack of new infrastructure due to ridiculous permitting review times, to not being able to get a loan for your small business, these unreasonable regulations affect all of us in one way or another.
“We recognize the importance of reasonable regulations such as worker protections, clean air, and water. Those should remain. However, it is important to eliminate the ever-growing web of unreasonable regulations, rules, restrictions that have hurt our jobs, pocketbooks and people,” concluded Reed.
Our successful efforts are boosting the economy with an aggressive deregulation that is:
• Cutting 22 regulations for every new rule introduced in 2017. These moves saved our economy $8.1 billion.
• Streamlining the permitting process for infrastructure permit reviews – freeing up taxpayer resources to go towards boots and hardhats on the ground instead of lawyer pens and paperwork.
• Freeing our local community banks and credit unions to loan money and give small businesses entrepreneurs access to the vital cash they need to start or expand their business to create jobs.
This deregulation agenda is a reversal of the status quo. The Obama administration added a regulation that cost the economy $100 million or more, once every 3 days – more than 600 in total from 2008 to 2016.
“As a lifetime Dairy farmer and Manager of our local Soil and Water District, we would like to thank Tom for all of his support,” said Chemung County Soil and Water Conservation District Manager Mark Watts. “His vigilance in warding off unnecessary regulations proposed by various federal agencies has kept agriculture viable in New York State.

“We need honest common sense folks like Tom in office so Farmers can continue to provide high quality safe food for our consumers.” concluded Watts. “Tom understands the importance of credit unions to our communities and we are grateful for his continued support on many issues affecting our industry – including reducing unreasonable regulations,” said President of the Corning Credit Union Garry Grinnell. “Most recently, the passage of Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act gives our credit union additional capacity to make small business loans to our members and invest in our local communities.”

“Red tape and paperwork caused by these unreasonable regulations, certainly costs us time and money,” said Allegany County Department of Public Works Superintendent Guy R. James. “Obviously there is a need for regulations on things, but sometimes the Local Governments are so much more efficient at getting things done and the Feds can over regulate things!
“The Federal Government should step back and look at how much more “bang for the buck” the Locals actually get on most projects,” concluded James.
“We are excited to see the reduction of regulatory burdens for community banks that are the lifeblood of their local communities,” said President and Chief Executive Officer of Lakeshore Savings Bank Daniel Reininga.