Reed: John Plumb Often Skips Voting

July 13, 2016

Congressman Tom Reed says that John Plumb did not register to vote in half of the elections he lived in Washington for, Plumb responded by saying if Reed does not understand military men and women that Reed is unfit to serve. See statement below:

The Reed campaign is calling the fact that DC John Plumb repeatedly failed to vote unacceptable. “DC John is asking people to show up to vote for him when he couldn’t be bothered to vote,” said Amy Hasenberg, Tom Reed for Congress Spokeswoman. “Either Plumb doesn’t care or he doesn’t think voting is important. That is completely unacceptable for someone trying to represent New York.”

DC John Plumb failed to vote in half of the elections in which he was eligible to vote while he lived in Washington, DC. Plumb was a registered voter in Washington DC until declaring his candidacy for Congress last year.

“Voting is a hard won right that Tom Reed takes seriously. It’s not fair for the people of the 23rd Congressional District to be represented by someone who not only considers Washington his primary home, but doesn’t even care enough to vote” said Hasenberg.

Plumb had the following response:

This is another predictable call from the Washington insider’s playbook. Congressman Tom Reed is once again desperately trying to divert the voters’ attention from his record of supporting bad trade deals that leave many Southern Tier families struggling to make ends meet, and his failures regarding our nation’s national security. Below is John’s statement on this issue:
“For over twenty-two years I have had the privilege to serve shoulder to shoulder with the best and bravest men and women in the world, all around the world. As any member of the military or their family will tell you, when the orders come down, you don’t question it — you go and complete the mission and protect our country at home or abroad. It’s in our blood, it’s who we are, and I won’t ever run away from that,” said Commander Plumb.
“If Congressman Reed is so out of touch with regular people that he doesn’t understand military men and women make sacrifices for our country and our nation’s safety, then Congressman Reed is unfit to represent New York, our families, our service members, and our veterans.”