Reed: Not Supporting Mo Brooks And His Objection Plans

December 29, 2020

WASHINGTON DC – We asked Congressman Reed, if he was considering supporting the Mo Brooks movement, to try to keep President Trump in office. Brooks (R, Alabama) says he will object when Congress convenes Janury 6, to count certificates of electoral votes.

Here is the response, from Congressman Tom Reed’s Spokesman Nate Sizemore:

The January 6th vote is a historical process by which Congress symbolically affirms the electoral votes of each state.

Tom has previously recognized Biden as President-elect out of respect for the institution of the Presidency and the transition of power.

Now, as you know, the Electoral College has confirmed the results of the election and the decision made by the American people. No legal proceedings or recounts have found significant evidence of voter fraud that would overturn the results of the election.

Voters are understandably angry, and it’s critical that we respect everyone’s right to voice their displeasure regarding the outcome of the election and share their opinions. Tom has and will continue to connect with folks on this issue to hear their concerns and have a conversation about the importance of respecting our electoral process, even when we don’t like the result.