Robertson Slams Reed About Bridges, Reed Responds

May 18, 2015

Congressman Tom Reed responded to what his former Democrat opponent Martha Robertson of Tompkins County, posted on Facebook this morning, about how there are over 200 bridges with structural deficiencies in this congressional district, and all he can talk about is fracking.

Martha Robertson
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325 structurally deficient bridges in one Congressional district (Tom Reed’s)! Reed’s solution is “drill, baby, drill” – his solution to everything!

Reed maintains that he is aware of the bridge problems.  “I recognize as (do) many members of the House and Senate, that we have an infrastructure need in America,” Reed said this afternoon, when asked by WLEA.  “So those bridges and those roads and the other infrastructure of America needs to be addressed.  I will continue to work towards a long term solution to that issue.  Doing it, not on the hard working backs of American taxpayers, but hopefully figuring out creative, alternative revenue sources, such as the foreign earnings issue as well as the natural gas development that could happen here in America, as a revenue source.”   The congressman also noted that it will be a multitude of solutions that have to come together.