School Budget/School Board Election Day Is Here

May 18, 2021

School board/school budget election day is here. Once again, here is a list of races/budgets/props:

HORNELL: the year to year budget decreases funding and holds taxes with a 0% increase- no increase at all on the levy. Hornell has three seats open, and current board members Dr. Uzma Mehr and Mr. James Marino are running as well as new candidate Mr. Joseph Liberto. The prop on the ballot for Hornell, is the sale of Bryant Elementary School.

Canisteo-Greenwood: CG is going out with a 0% tax increase and a $26,221,876 budget.
There are two props, a Public Library Proposition – 0% tax increase, same levy as last year of $109,142 (with $92,765 going to Wimodaughsian Library and $16,377 to the Greenwood Reading Center)
Bus Reserve – authorization of $450,000 from the Capital Bus Reserve to purchase 2 new buses, 3 new passenger vans, and 1 seven passenger SUV.
Canisteo-Greenwood has two open seats for three year terms: with the incumbents Fred Thompson and Marcy Bradley running for another term.

Arkport Central:
• Tax increase – $70,522 (1.91%)
• The tax increase is below the allowable limit

Arkport Central Props:
• Prop 1 – Purchase of a wheelchair accessible bus and SUV
• Prop 2 – Leasing of two buses

Arkport Central School Board Candidates:
• Tim Bailey
• Todd Wright
• Julianne Merry

Alfred-Almond Central School:

On the budget, is there a tax increase/decrease/staying the same?
Tax Levy increase of 1%.

There are two props at Alfred-Almond:
Proposition 1 – Purchase of One (1) 66-Passenger School Bus
Proposition 2 – Almond Library and Alfred Box of Books Library

Alfred-Almond Central School Board candidates:
Jason Burdick
John D’Angelo

Canaseraga Central School District:

2021-22 adopted budget: $7,554,158
Spending change: up 2.25%
Tax levy change: 1.384%
Tax levy limit: 1.384%

Canaseraga Central propositions:
Resolved, the Board of Education of the Canaseraga Central School District is authorized to increase the annual tax levy from $34,750 to $36,250 and pay over such funds to the trustees of the Essential Club Free Library.

Canaseraga Central School board candidate: Frances Hoffman.