Sen Borrello: End The Eviction Moratorium

May 5, 2021

“At the beginning of the pandemic and New York’s economic shutdown, the hardships and crisis facing millions of residents created an urgent situation. There was an apparent need to put an eviction moratorium in place to ensure housing security and public health.
“However, the Legislature’s latest extension of the moratorium, more than a year later and with infection rates low, is an attempt by far left radicals to use the pandemic as an excuse to push their ‘cancel rent’ agenda and further undermine private property rights.
“I’ve heard from property owners, including many seniors, who have lost their sole source of income because they have tenants who are falsely claiming financial hardship as a reason for not paying rent. We should not be harming one group in order to help another.
“Particularly egregious is the fact that $2.3 billion in federal emergency aid has been provided to New York State to help struggling tenants and landlords. However, the state is still sitting on these funds rather than putting them to work helping those truly in need. This lack of action is incredibly irresponsible and only deepening the desperation of our property owners.
“This is yet another example of Albany amplifying the devastation of the pandemic through a combination of bad policy and questionable motives. Hardworking New Yorkers continue to pay the price.”