Sen. Young and Rep. Reed’s Statements About Heroin

May 21, 2016

State Senator Cathy Young, a mwmber of the state senate’s Heroin Task Force, commented yesterday about the heroin problem:
Heroin’s devastating impact on our area can be seen on the faces of so many local families. Each day we see the tragic consequences of heroin played out in our hospital emergency rooms, funeral homes, courtrooms and newspapers. The Senate’s Task Force on Heroin and Opioid Addiction, on which I serve, took another proactive step this week by issuing our report on this public health crisis and putting forward an aggressive legislative agenda. To combat this growing public health crisis, the Senate passed a new 22 bill package strengthening laws against the sale and possession of opiates and providing greater treatment opportunities for addicts.
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In a related story, Congressman Tom Reed hosted a roundtable discussion, with Yates County community leaders, law enforcement, medical personnel and public health officials, to get more insight on prescription opioid abuse and heroin. “We care about the families and individuals that are being impacted by addiction. The only way we will ever stop this problem is by coming together and developing a comprehensive approach to prevention and treatment. We applaud the efforts of everyone involved as they work to combat this issue. We know that the best solutions come from the people that are on the front lines, who deal with this crisis every day. As we begin to seriously look at this issue, we have to get their input and make sure that the policies passed in Washington will work the way they need them to so they are helping the individuals right here at home that are struggling with addiction,” Reed said.