Sen. Young Issues Statement About The Budget

April 5, 2017


    State Senator Cathy Young issued the following statement:

“The Senate worked through the wee hours of the morning passing budget bills on Tuesday, and we were in the Capitol working, ready to pass the remaining budget bills on Wednesday. Unfortunately, the New York City-controlled Assembly blew up the process by going back on issues that already had been agreed upon. I am fighting for tax relief and making sure the people of my district get their fair share. New York City legislators are trying to take for themselves our school aid for rural districts, and our upstate hospital funding. The Assembly speaker also reneged on a common sense agreement regarding Raise the Age that would protect public safety. The Senate’s position all along has been that juvenile offenders should not be incarcerated in adult prisons, and that troubled youth should receive counseling and other needed services. However, violent crimes such as rape and murder should not be decriminalized. We have ensured that government will keep on running because of the budget extender bill that was passed, and I urge the Assembly speaker to keep his word and agree to pass a responsible final budget that will cut taxes, grow jobs, properly fund our classrooms, protect public safety, and give everyone the opportunity to succeed,” said Senator Catharine Young (R,C,I- 57th District).