Senator Borrello: Do Two Year Olds Need Masks?

May 21, 2021

From Senator George Borrello: 

 “Just when New Yorkers thought we were moving beyond the reach of the Governor’s crazy, arbitrary edicts, he struck again yesterday with the outrageous mandate that children as young as two years old in daycare settings must wear masks. 

“Child care providers and parents are understandably confused and upset with this sudden change as COVID infection rates are near record lows and mask wearing mandates are disappearing. Not even at the height of the pandemic were toddlers in day care forced to wear masks, because of the obvious difficulty of enforcing such a rule as well as the low risks for the younger population. 

“Day care centers have been sent into a frenzy communicating these new rules to angry parents and trying to determine how they will make this ludicrous concept work. 

“If the Democrat majorities in the Senate and Assembly hadn’t extended the Governor’s emergency authority, this insanity would have been a thing of the past. Instead, here we are, trying desperately to move forward and free ourselves from senseless restrictions, while our Governor continues to hold us back to maintain his power. If the administration doesn’t rescind this, the Legislature’s leadership must, as soon as possible.