Senator Cathy Young: Senate GOP Has An Answer To Klein’s No Fly List Bill

January 12, 2016
ALBANY, NY – State Senator Cathy Young is opposed to downstate Democrat Senator Jeff Klein’s legislation to take weapons away from those who are on the no-fly list. She says that is because there’s too many mistakes with the no-fly list. “Certainly nobody wants terrorists to be able to have access to have weapons, but unfortunately the no-fly list is not the right barometer to find out who a terrorist is or is not, because about 40 percent of the names on that list inappropriate,” Senator Young told WLEA News. “They’re not terrorists, they have nothing to do with terrorism.” 1366x1020-Young (1)
The Senator says that she does support the State Senate Republicans bill, to have a state list of terrorist suspects, it’s called the terrorist registry. “It would make sure that terrorists are registered in New York State. When you think about it, there are people who have been convicted of terrorism, they served their times, they get released. And I believe in many cases they can still pose a very dangerous threat.”