Senator Young Fighting to Get Rid of Gap Elimination Adjustment

Senator Young Fighting Gap Elimination Adjustment
March 27 2014

State Senator Cathy Young (R, Olean) is calling on Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D) to join Senate Republicans to end school district’s gap elimination adjustment.

Young says the GEA has taken over a billion dollars from children’s education across the state.

“The Senate Republicans have been leading the charge to get rid of the GEA, which consistently is cited by school districts as their number one priority in this year’s state budget,” said Senator Young. “The clock is ticking, and we need partners to eliminate the GEA in the final budget, which is due in just a couple of days. If the Assembly Democrats do not step up to the plate soon, our schools will be harmed by their lack of support,” she said.

“Our Senate’s budget resolution set aside eight times more than what the Assembly Majority resolution put forward to reduce the GEA, and we doubled what the Governor proposed in his Executive Budget. We are pushing for even more GEA reductions at the negotiating table,” Senator Young said.

“The Senate Republicans have a concrete plan to fully phase out the GEA,” she added.