Some of The Hornell Drug Suspects Appeared In Hornell Court This Morning

August 20, 2015

HORNELL, NY – Some of the Hornell drug suspects who were charged last Thursday appeared in Hornell City Court this morning.
Monica Foskey, 46, Hornell, was given a pre trial release.
Sharif Cage, 26, is still in Steuben County Jail, but now has bail of $20,000.
Francesca Whitfield, 41, Hornell was remanded back to Steuben County Jail, $11,500 bail instead of no bail.
John Corcoran, 45, Hornell, was sent back to Steuben County Jail, without bail, but has a hearing on August 25th at 10:30am.
David Dugo, 61, Hornell, who was accused of hindering law enforcement while the arrests were going on, as well as criminal possession of a controlled substance,  Dugo was released on his own recognizance to reappear on September 3rd.