Spectrum News Breaks Story On Marjorie Byrnes

August 1, 2018

ROCHESTER, NY – Republican Assemblyman Joe Errigo’s opponent Marjorie Byrnes (R, Geneseo) is in the news today in Rochester. Spectrum News there broke a story saying that Marjorie Byrnes paid Livingston County Conservative Party Chairman Jason McGuire $20,000 to be her campaign manager, and because Jason McGuire gave Byrnes the Livingston County Conservative Party’s endorsement, the $20,000 is being criticized by the Errigo campaign, as “pay to play.”

McGuire was on the Bob Lonsberry show on WHAM this morning, and McGuire said he’s returned the $20,000 to Byrnes. Jason McGuire also says he’s resigned from the Conservative Party chairmanship in Livingston County. Marjorie Byrnes says she was advised to pay the $20,000 to McGuire by two political consultants, to pay Jason McGuire that $20,000. McGuire called the whole thing, a misunderstanding.

Update 10:25am: WLEA News spoke with Marjorie Byrnes at 10:20am, shortly after her segment on the Lonsberry Show ended. Marjorie Byrnes told WLEA News that the check for $20,000, was written on June 21, and the endorsement from the Livington County Conservative Party was on May 24. Byrnes also says that she is on the conservative party party line. The GOP Primary is on Thursday, September 13 (changed because of the 9/11 anniversary).