Statement From Hornell School Superintendent Doug Wyant

January 15, 2016
HORNELL, NY – Hornell School Superintendent Doug Wyant issued the following statement:
During Policy Workshops the Board together with members of the Administration review new proposed policies as well as current policies for possible revision. The current Nonresident Student Policy was reviewed at last night’s meeting for possible revisions. Since 2011, the intent of the policy was to close the district to nonresident students with the exception of those that met certain criteria such as children of district staff, however many felt the written policy was confusing in its content and needed to be more clearly defined. The changes proposed at last night’s meetings were changes to the policy exceptions, in essence removing the exceptions and simply stating that the district does not allow nonresident student enrollment, without exception. There was also a proposal to “grandfather” those nonresident students who are currently enrolled in the district. The content of the workshop is not “official” action of the Board, it is merely the discussion/brainstorming phase so that proposed changes can be written and later reviewed for official action at a future Board of Education Meeting. It is anticipated that policy changes to this policy as well as others that were recently reviewed at a previous workshop will be presented to the Board for official action (first reading) at the regular Board Meeting in February.