Statement From Senator Young

November 17, 2018

Statement From State Senator Cathy Young:

“This past Election Day, the New York State Senate Republican Majority suffered a number of devastating losses. Since then, our Conference has been reassessing its strengths and weaknesses and envisioning a path forward.

My goal in seeking leadership of the Republican Minority Conference was to be a strong voice for upstate New York. The majority of our remaining members are from upstate.

New York City now controls all of state government and I will continue to stand up and fight against their destructive policies that hurt upstate. I will be an unwavering advocate for our people, our economy and our way of life.

My congratulations go out to Senator Flanagan on his election as Minority Leader. I look forward to working with him, and all of our Republican and Democratic colleagues, to advance upstate New York and all the diverse regions of our great state.”