Steuben County Legislature Approves Contracts For Deputies and Other County Employees

October 27, 2014 BATH, NY – This morning the Steuben County Legislature ratified contracts for the deputies and other county employees today.   “There is a three year and a four year agreement,” Alger told WLEA News.  “One with the deputies (the four year agreement), and one with the corrections officers (the three year agreement).  The agreements call for salary adjustments for the union members, and also from the county’s perspective, including increases in the co-pays for insurance and a change in the plan, which saves us money.” The corrections officers contract also includes dispatchers and court security officers. Alger also noted that there was give and take, and that both sides were pleased with the results.

Update: 4:15pm – see press release from the county below:   Members of both the Steuben County Deputies and county Corrections Officers, Dispatchers and Court Securities Officers unions will receive average annual pay hikes of roughly 2 percent, after county legislators approved new contracts Monday. The separate contracts provide a 2 percent salary increase in each 2014, 2015, and 2016 for county deputies, and a retroactive pay increase of 1 percent for 2013. The deputies will change to a health insurance plan with higher co-pays and also pay an increased percentage of insurance premiums. Corrections officers, dispatchers, and court security officers received the same health care increases through their contract, negotiated through the Civil Service Employees Association, and with pay hikes averaging 2 percent a year for the 2014-16 contract. Corrections officers, dispatchers, and court security officers also will receive sick leave incentives, which is expected to save the county overtime costs associated with staffing the jail, county Manager Mark Alger said. The new contracts also bring all county union and management employees under the same health care coverage, provided by Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield, said county Personnel Office Nancy Smith.