Steuben County Provides Online Covid Check Up Tool

November 10, 2020

From Steuben County Public Health:

With the resurgence of COVID-19 in the area and spikes of the virus creating yellow zones in parts of Steuben County, county Office for the Aging Director Patty Baroody urges residents of all ages to download the CV19 Check Up tool. “As we move into the fall, flu season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, more indoors activities and college kids coming home from school, we all need to know how our behavior impacts ourselves and our own safety and how it impacts others,” Baroody said. “It is critically important for older persons and those with chronic conditions to use this tool to protect themselves, but it is equally important for younger people to take this as they are often asymptomatic super spreaders.”

The free, anonymous and personalized tool is now available online for county residents to evaluate their individual risk for COVID-19, based on their personal situations and behaviors is located at

According to the Association on Aging in NY, the 5-minute CV-19 questionnaire analyzes the impact of behaviors on the spread of the virus.
Using weekly updates from the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and NY State Department of Health, the tool includes a mental health assessment to gauge depression and possible outcomes as a result of loneliness, and links people to local services for those at risk and those that love them, the Association reported. “We are very proud of New York’s response to COVID-19, leading the nation in reducing the spread through a transparent, fact and metric-based approach, following national guidelines and asking New Yorkers to stick with basic guidelines like masks, good hand hygiene and social distancing,” Baroody said. “This tool can offer more ways to remain healthier, happier and safer. That’s worth five minutes of anyone’s time.” ***