Stop, Yield, or No Sign? Village of Canisteo Continues Discussion

August 7, 2017

CANISTEO, NY – Reviewing intersections without stop or yield signs were discussed under old business Monday night at the Village of Canisteo’s monthly meeting. One of the major concerns to the village is liability if an accident occurs and it’s ruled the villages neglect for improper or no sign.

The Mayor herself stated she had a near miss at an intersection with a Hat Bus. Trustee Jack Beers said he had discussed the matter with attorney Chauncey Watches at a recent event and according to him you’re going to get sued whether you have a stop, yield or no sign altogether. It will not matter.

Some negative feedback from the board were concerns that the codes book would have to be changed at a cost of $1200, public hearings would need to be held for each change, and the possible impact that snow and ice could have on making motorists come to a complete stop on certain intersections. A decision was finally made to have police chief Kyle Amidon provide statistics on accidents on each intersection in question and move forward from there.

The Mayor and Village Justices are still in discussion about the fate of the old fire truck recently retired after purchasing the new one. A representative from Boces was in attendance requesting a barter providing the village with student labor with the acquisition of the truck in return. If the deal goes through, the village plans on using the labor to repair curbs on South Main Street after the removal of three bothersome trees. The only other option would be to take the truck to the Steuben County Auction which didn’t seem to popular of an idea.

Other items that were briefly discussed were whether there should be a code in place for which side of a residential fence that can remain unfinished, the possibility of requiring licensing for cats, and the launch of a new website for the village.