Strong Bi-Partisan Efforts In Hopes of Saving St. James Inpatient Programs

October 12, 2014

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Democrat Leader/IDA Chairman Sam Nasca and Hornell Republican Leader/Deputy  Mayor John Buckley are going to work on a joint committee to help save St. James Hospital from not having inpatient services.

An announcement was made last week by St. James CEO Jenn Sullivan, that no provider would be able to offer inpatient services at St. James.

Appearing on WLEA on Saturday morning, Sam Nasca said that Mayor Shawn Hogan will be working with the Governor’s office and Albany leaders to see what can be done to prevent shutting down inpatient services.  Buckley spoke of how he will be working with Congressman Tom Reed, Senator O’Mara, Assemblyman Nojay and Palmesano, to achieve the same goal.