Surprising Political Endorsement For Mayor John Buckley

September 17, 2021

From Longtime Political Activist, Hornell Native Joe Racalto:

Mayor Buckley is a good man and a good mayor.

This country is broke because few are willing to support a candidate opposite a party of their own. And while I’m largely guilty of this on the federal level, I do believe that local communities set an example of bipartisanship that should be mirrored.

As a lifelong, proud, democrat, I’m not ashamed to admit that Mayor Buckley would enthusiastically have my vote.

Mayor Buckley is a good man and a good mayor and is worthy of reelection.

I recognize that some will view this as an abandonment of my party, but I would argue otherwise. In fact, I strongly believe if we took off political blinders, most of us would agree that Mayor Buckley has done a remarkable job during the most difficult times – especially during Covid.

My hometown of Hornell has always been a very special place – it is welcoming and accepting.

My husband Jay, a DC police officer, and I continue to invest in Hornell because Mayor Buckley, unlike many mayors, recognize the rights of individuals and blue lives. In a remarkable way, John found that compromise between those who support Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter – perhaps his calling is much higher than Mayor.

Like many Hornellians, I follow Hornell politics because I care about my family and friends. There is no doubt we have all witnessed Hornell grow under the strong leadership of Mayor Buckley.

The quality of life remains the main attraction. Hornell has a vibrant attractiveness for families who want a great school district, safe streets, and a welcoming sense of belonging. Indeed, like all cities and towns, Hornell has its battles with opioids and slumlords – electing a different mayor will not solve these battles.

Former Mayor Shawn Hogan appointed Mayor Buckley as Deputy Mayor — twice. It was bold for a democrat to appoint a republican to be his deputy mayor. Four years ago, Hornellian’s agreed with Mayor Hogan and elected John Buckley to lead our beloved city.

Hornell residents have witnessed John’s experience and dedication at work over the last four years. His proven leadership continues to guide the city to new heights.

I told Mayor Buckley I’ll continue to do everything I can to convince my fellow democrats that he is worthy of a second term – I hope you agree.