Tensions High at Hartsville Town Board’s First Meeting of the Year

January 11, 2017

HARTSVILLE, NY – Newly elected Hartsville Town Supervisor John Bowles got right to the point in his first board meeting Wednesday night in front of a packed house. Among topics he plans on tackling are board dissention, wind farming, improper use of funds, and intimidation.
You can see his full opening statement and most of the meeting below:

Also Bowles made it clear about who will have access to banks accounts and who will not even going so far as silencing a former employee in attendance.

As the meeting progressed it became obvious that the board was split 3 votes to 2 on just about every resolution that came up. Newly elected officials Lee Woodworth and Bowles were continually against Jim Perry, Thomas Dobell, and David McEvoy. At one point it got almost humorous that the board could not even agree to go into executive session to discuss personal and procedures.

During the appointments things got even more heated as Perry took control over the objection of Bowles and appointed three positions with Bowles constantly saying those matters are tabled. At this point a power struggle was becoming very apparent.

At one point Bowles and Perry traded barbs over Bowles illegally discussing personnel issues and Perry passing resolutions when the supervisor suggested tabling them. Finally Bowles flat out asked Perry if he is working for the good of the town or is he going to continue to make a mess out of it.

At one point Bowles got so perturbed from comments from the audience that he started to eject people.