Three Citizens – One Police Officer Commended for Fast Response after Life Threatening Accident

September 13th, 2018

HORNELL, NY – The Board of Public Safety recognized 4 people after a major accident occurred on August 29th at 223 Grand Street at around 7:30pm. According to Police Officer Stuart McHenry, a motor vehicle accident resulted a vehicle going off the road, striking a house severing a major gas line.

First on the scene was officer McHenry, who immediately noticed the intense smell of natural gas. Nearby resident Terry Walton, thanks to quick thinking, informed homeowner George Robertshaw, who in turn immediately located the valve to shut the gas off. Walton then called 911 and kept on constant contact with them providing updates.

The suspected vehicle attempted to leave the scene after the accident, where a 3rd resident, Edward Landries, swung into action. He followed the vehicle and got the license plate number and briefly confronted the suspect who he recognized and then decided to back off at that point.

“All three of these men reacted with an appropriate response to the incident and thankfully avoided a potentially life threatening situation to the entire neighborhood,” said McHenry, “and because of their involvement an arrest was immediately made. This is a great example of how we want our citizens to react in situations like this.”

Ed Landries Receives his Certificate