Three Hornell Firefighters Honored, For Delivering A Newborn

June 10, 2022

HORNELL, NY – From Hornell City Hall:

Jordan Pelton, Peter Huffsmith, and Nicholas Plank of the Hornell Fire Department were presented with Employee Spotlight certificates ‘In Special Recognition of Exemplary Service in bringing a new life into this world”. In March, the trio worked together to deliver a baby here in Hornell when it became clear there was not enough time to transport to the nearest maternity unit. These certificates were presented by Mayor Buckley, Board of Public Safety Commissioners David Parmley and Scott Richardson, and Chief Frank Brzozowski.

“With the closest maternity units located miles outside the City in Dansville and Wellsville, you were able to call on your training and remain calm when faced with an extraordinary situation that you don’t see every day.” said Mayor John Buckley as he presented the trio with Employee Spotlight Certificates. “We are so very fortunate to have such a great paramedic unit here in the City and this is just one example of that. Great job!”

Chief Frank Brzozowski had this to say. “The Hornell Fire and EMS has always stepped up to the plate and this is just another example. With our changing society and the demands put on our EMS service, the men and women of our department always strive to be ready for any emergency. The downsizing of services in this area continues to put more demand on our service. Congratulations for the three recognized today, what a wonderful thing to be able to bring a new life into the world!”