Tom Dobell’s Response

November 4, 2017

AUDIO: Hartsville Board Member Tom Dobell Responds To Criticisms Made By Hartsville Supervisor Bowles On Wednesday November 1 2017 Newsmaker

Appearing on the Newsmaker Show on Wednesday, November 1, 2017, Hartsville Supervisor John Bowles made several criticisms of Hartsville Town Board member Tom Dobell. Board member Dobell is not seeking re-election, and has chosen to respond to the statements made about him by Supervisor Bowles. We asked both Supervisor John Bowles and Hartsville Supervisor candidate Duane Howe, not to request another appearance on the Newsmaker Show before the election, because it was too close to November 7th to be able to schedule them again. Because of time-constraints, we had given the candidates all the time that we could on that show. However, because Tom Dobell was not a guest on Wednesday, we felt it was justified to allow him to respond in this online story. If Supervisor Bowles or Duane Howe would like to issue any further statements, that can be done on this website as well.