Town of Canisteo Approves One Year Fire Contract with Village

December 12, 2016

CANISTEO, NY – At Monday night’s monthly Canisteo town board meeting a resolution was finally created and agreed upon to enter into a one year contract for fire/ambulance services from the village. Although the village was seeking a three year commitment, the town was not keen on the idea.

One board member was highly concerned that an illegal meeting was held with certain village officials last month and a deal was agreed upon for a three year fire contract. “That simply is not true,” said Supervisor Steve Weed, “The meeting was informal, no resolutions were made or passed, and I actually called Albany after the meeting and was informed by them that as long as no decisions were made the meeting was entirely legal.”

The village had originally requested $105,000 for the one year fire contract but with some heavy bartering the town was able to reduce it to $95,000. The fire district proposal was also discussed and again no mutual agreements could be reached and the proposal remains in limbo with a lot of unanswered question lingering.