Town of Hartsville News

November 9th, 2017

HARTSVILLE, NY – The Hartsville Town Board met last night to clear the way for a Public Hearing next week on the upcoming 2018 budget. The Hearing will be held on Monday, November 13th starting 5pm followed by a special meeting to adopt the budget.

Tom Dobell, who is finishing his term on the board December 31st, had a question on the minutes and also a few questions for Bowles in general at the beginning of the meeting. On the minutes, Dobell wondered why they read that after he approved line items to be created, money was actually moved to them. “That was not the case,” Bowles responded, “The line items were created to move money to, but no actual money has been moved to them at this point.”

Dobell also had a few questions in general for Bowles in the relatively short meeting. “Why does our code enforcement officer not attend our meetings? She is our employee and paid by us. Our last code enforcement officer always came.” Bowles response was that he was not really sure why she would be required to travel to Hartsville for the meetings but he would ask her.

Dobell also questioned whether the Slate Creek Schoolhouse would get their annual donation this year for renovations with Bowles responding, “We would like to have an idea what the money is going to be spent on before we authorize it. We would like something in writing.”

The meeting concluded with two resolutions being passed. The first was to allow the creation of line items so that debt principle and interest could be moved onto them, and the second resolution was to allow the temporary Town Clerk and the Tax Collector to have access to bank accounts to complete long needed money transfers.